Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Police Department, the Academy, DHA

Just when will the city of Dunwoody Police Department be up and running? April 1 at the earliest. Just named police chief Billy Grogan told the city council at Monday's meeting that it would be impossible to get a department up-and-running by March 1 but that April 1 was the goal, although he could not guarantee that date. Councilman Denis Shortal stressed to Grogan that he expected the department to be "lean and mean" and that he wanted as many officers as possible on the street and not in the office. Grogan said that was his goal as well.
Controversy at the new 4th/5th grade Academy over the proposed color of the new roof. For some bizarre reason DeKalb County School System chief operating officer Patricia Pope choose an eye-popping red roof. The Dunwoody Homeowners Association, which had a great amount of input on the construction of Peachtree Middle School but which has not be consulted on the academy, is suggesting a more neutral brown or green. (The Atlanta Constitution reported last week that Pope is the subject of an internal review over school construction contracts.)
Speaking of the DHA, I was invited to join the board and have graciously accepted. I feel as a member of the DHA, I will be able to give Springfield a greater voice in the new city.


Helen said...

I like the red roof, Bob. In the picture, it looks like it's about the same color as the bricks on the right side. I think green would look terrible...brown would be OK.

This seems like a pretty minor issue, and one that not all of our neighbors are likely to agree on. Is the DHA just upset that they were not consulted?

Bob Fiscella said...


I agree, from the picture it looks completely exceptable. What it will look like in person, I don't know. Yes, I think a lot of folks are upset that they had no input, or at least were not consulted. I don't feel the DHA should have the final say, but they did do a nice job with input on Peachtree Middle School - and what a beautiful looking structure that turned out to be.