Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The New Dunwoody High School

The DeKalb County School System on Tuesday night unveiled it's architectural drawings for the $15.5 million renovation to the 36-year old school, to be completed by August 2012. At a meeting at the high school, the architecture fire of Perkins & Will said the renovation includes a new 500-seat auditorium and 24,000 additional square feet of instructional space. An addition floor will be added to the entire portion of the building that faces Vermack Rd. giving the school some much needed presence. The renovations will create an outdoor amphitheatre and plaza. The next step for DCSS is hiring a general contractor. (Click on rendering to enlarge)
While the drawings look great, it's too bad the DCSS didn't incorporate more of a Dunwoody Williamsburg feel into the design (ditto for Dunwoody Elementary)!


Chip said...

This puts even more pressure on the intersections at Mt. Vernon and Vermack, plus generally adds to the woes along Womack Road.

I hope that City of Dunwoody is making plans for road improvements!


Bob Fiscella said...

Chip - you're right. While construction is going on, the Womack/Vermack intersection will be a mess!

Steve Barton said...

Road improvements bring more cut-through traffic to/from Gwinnett and north Fulton -- we can tell when 285 is jammed by greatly increased traffic on Womack Rd, best distinguished at rush hours when the schools don't have it locked up!

Just about anything that increases through-put on Womack will increase commuter traffic there. Careful!

Bob Fiscella said...

Obviously we don't want to see Dunwoody become a haven for cut-through traffic. But there has to be a way to eleviate congestion within Dunwoody, without increasing cut-through traffic. If we can invent the light bulb and put 100,000 pound planes in the air, we can do this! There are too many naysayers who say it can't be done. Well it can!