Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bill Grant's Vision of Dunwoody; Current Real Estate Market

Dunwoody's preeminent builder Bill Grant, stopped by our Keller Williams office on Tuesday to pitch our agents on joining the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce, of which he is chairman. While you might not find that of interest, and I'm fairly certain you don't, it was of interest getting Bill's thoughts on future expansion of Dunwoody.

Grant, who's been building in Dunwoody for 25 years and whose business currently focuses on remodeling projects until the economy turns around, feels the City of Dunwoody is primed to annex unincorporated areas of DeKalb County just inside the perimeter, where the old Hewlett Packard building residents (west of Ashford Dunwoody Road). He also feels that one day, Dunwoody will annex parts of Sandy Springs, north of Dunwoody.

On the building front, Grant says that for the first time in his career the size of his custom homes are decreasing, and that higher-income buyers, in general, are no longer demanding bigger homes. Grant says he doesn't foresee building anymore $2 million homes in the near future.

Current State of the Real Estate Market

Speaking of real estate, my office released its proprietary second quarter numbers this week, and while volume of home sales for the metro area is up 2.6 percent over the same quarter last year, home prices continue to decline, albeit just slightly. Distressed property sales (foreclosures and short sales) make up approximately 40 percent of all sales.

Currently there are 191 active listing in Dunwoody in the 30338 zip code, and 6 in Springfield. To view all listings, click on the Buyer's Short Report link below:


Heyward said...

I would wonder what would be the motivation of Sandy Springs to let us have those high end tax dollars for "Dunwoody North"?

Rick said...

the only way Dunwoody and the eastern part of Sandy Springs merge is via a Milton County formation. SOSS is not going to give anything away.

Heyward said...

Even if we did become Milton Co. I still dont see any incentive for the city of SS to give good tax dollars.

Bob Fiscella said...

I agree. Unless there is something I am missing, I don't see the incentive to letting SS north leave that city. Tax dollars from the area is great, and service only has to be minimal.

Chip said...

The case could be made, depending on how you draw the boundaries, that the Dunwoody Panhandle really extends the CofSS geography away from its core along GA 400. There might be advantages to SS in reducing sector car and fire department/EMS services, but only if CoDunwoody could pick up the Roberts Dr./Spalding fire station from SS/Fulton County.