Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Candidate Debate

The mid-term elections are just one week away, and this evening is your chance to hear the local candidates on the stump in a debate/forum sponsored by the Dunwoody Homeowners Association.   I encourage you to attend, especially to hear the three candidates for the DeKalb County School Board position.  The winner of this seat will have a large say in how your tax dollars are spent, and where your children go to school. 

Dunwoody's new brand
So what do you think of Dunwoody's new brand?   The city, along with its branding partners, the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Dunwoody (CVBD), and the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce, launched its new brand Saturday night at the Dunwoody Music Festival. 
What is the early response from Dunwoody residents?  You be the judge.  Thus far, John Heneghan has received 38 comments on his blogsite, and most of those who responded are not impressed by the logo and slogan.  The company Sky Design was hired by the city to come up with a unique branding, but many feel they simply stole Walmart's asterisk and the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce's type set while billing the taxpayers for $60,000.
As for "Smart people - Smart place," someone asked, "are we saying that the rest of the cities in Georgia are dumb?" 
I'll have to admit I'm underwhelmed.  I think we would have been better served by asking the students at Dunwoody High School, as a project assignment, to come up with our branding.


Chip said...

There is nothing in this "image" that speaks to Dunwoody....what does an "asterisk" say? Could it be any more bland?

Was the smart place, smart people logo picked because the CofC wanted to raffle off a smart car? If it had been a Prius would we have had,
Hybrid Town, HighBred Folks for a slogan?

themommy said...


That is really funny. HighBred ...LOL!

Chip said...

Why, thank you!, (I think).