Monday, February 7, 2011

Superintendent Reveals Her Recommendations

Recommendations of DeKalb Superintendent Ramona Tyson
DeKalb County School System Superintendent Ramona Tyson on Monday night unveiled her recommendations for the new attendance lines for all schools countywide.  Tyson's recommendations now go to the school board, which will unveil the final lines on March 7 (the full map is available by clicking DCSS). 
Certainly not everyone in Dunwoody is pleased with the lines, but it appears that the superintendent did pay attention to the voices heard at the numerous public workshops.  I commend Ms. Tyson on her work, heaven knows it wasn't easy.  I do have some concerns, but hopefully those will be addressed over the next month. 
Of course the lines would have been a lot easier to draw if our past superintendent had worked a little harder at his job instead of filling the gas tanks of his many relatives!

DeKalb Budget Meeting

A reminder that there will be a DeKalb County budget meeting Tuesday evening at Montgomery Elementary School hosted by commissioners Elaine Boyer and Kathy Gannon.  DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis is recommending that our taxes be raised by 2.32 mil.  Here is another opportunity to let your voice be heard and keep DeKalb County spending under control. 
For more information go to and read two blog entries prior.

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