Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sneiderman's Brother Gives Emotional Plea

Click photo to watch Steve Sneiderman's emotional plea asking judge that Hemy Neuman receive a life sentence without parole.
By Staff Reports
For the AJC
In the sentencing phase of the trial, Steve Sneiderman spoke for the victim's family. All capitalizing and other emphasis come directly from his printed statement:

Your Honor:

I am Steven Sneiderman, Rusty Sneiderman's brother. I am here today to speak on behalf of my parents, Marilyn and Donald Sneiderman, my wife Lisa, my daughter Samantha and, especially, Rusty's children Sophia and Ian.
We appreciate the opportunity to speak to you today and share with the Court the impact this crime has had on our family.
During our investigation and the trial, my mother has repeatedly asked me, "When is this about Rusty?" Unfortunately, I have been forced to explain to her this trial was really not about him. As a lawyer, I understand why that is so, but now it is important for you to know a little more about Rusty and why his murder and the subsequent loss of him from our lives is so devastating. There have been so many lies told to this court about Rusty, even to the extent of the defense shamefully equating my brother's life with that of this killer. So let's set the record straight:
Click Sneiderman to read full statement.

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