Sunday, April 22, 2012

The End of Lemonade Days, A Remedy for DeKalb County Schools

Kudos to the Dunwoody Preservation Trust for a tremendous job in staging Lemonade Days.  I'm not sure there is another city in the metro area that holds a similar event which fosters as much goodwill and community spirit.  It took me almost 90 minutes to leave Brook Run Park on Friday night because of all the great neighbors and friends who stopped and wanted to chat.  And that was a common occurrence for a lot of folks.  
Congrats to Monica & Tom McGurk, Molly & Sam Portis, Kathy & Tom Florence, and all the great folks that make up the DPT, which expects to make a record profit from this year's event - approximately $75,000.  All proceeds go to the restoration of the Donaldson-Bannister House.

I would also like to thank all the folks that came out to Lemonade Days on Sunday and took shots at me in the dunk tank. Yes the water was cold, but the worst part was getting out of the water soaking wet, sitting on the perch, and then getting blasted by the cool breeze.   It sent bone-chilling shivers throughout my body!

A great job by Heyward Wescott and Brent Morris for working the tank, which netted a tidy sum of money for DPT.  Councilman John Heneghan, who also was in the tank on Sunday, was offering $50 for anyone that plunged him into the water on three straight throws.  I didn't stay for John's entire 30-minutes on the hot cold seat, but I don't believe he had to reach for his soggy wallet!

DeKalb Schools:  A View from the Inside

There was a nice opinion piece in this week's Dunwoody Reporter penned by former DeKalb County school board representative Jim Redovian. 
Jim said one of the main problems with the school system is its enormous size.  I couldn't agree more!  If the State of Georgia (General Assembly) was serious about raising its national standing in education, it would pass a bill that would limit the size of school systems, as well as split-up existing systems that exceeded that limit (DeKalb should be divided into three or four school systems).   Sen. Fran Millar and Rep. Tom Taylor - please think about making this a priority! 

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