Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Case for Multi-Use Trail in Brook Run

Yesterday my blog included an editorial piece by former councilman Danny Ross against the city's nearly $1 million expenditure on an impervious concrete trail in Brook Run Park. 
To be fair, today's post is by bicycle enthusiast Joe Seconder, on why this path is needed.

Why reinvent the wheel? In February 2011, I provided the (linked) material which was posted on Heneghan's Dunwoody Blog. It received plenty of comments & feedback of all sorts. I just wanted to re-post it here for a refresher and reminder. The same facts and thoughts hold true today.

I detailed an actual trail in Walnut Creek, CA -- The Iron Horse Trail. When completed, the trial will span 40 miles connecting two counties and nine communities. Interestingly, the demographics of Walnut Creek & Dunwoody are VERY similar. Yet depending on who you speak with in our town, the support or opposition of Multi-Use trails is very DIS-similar.
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Joe Hirsch said...

Aside from demographics, there really is NOTHING similar at all in comparing these two city’s trails: The Iron Horse Trail is a converted railroad line, so it did not involve bulldozing a new path through a heavily wooded forest. And interestingly, no new trees can be planted close to the trail per the terms of a state grant used. Thus, large portions of the trail are in need of shade. The trail is 20 feet wide – which also accommodates horses. And, lands alongside the trail have granted easements and licenses to several firms and public agencies for underground pipelines, cables, utility lines such as water and sewer lines, fiber optics, and flood control facilities.

Sight Edman said...

OK. But other than that it's a perfect analogy.

Joe Seconder said...

Checkout these before, after & future photos of some segments from the Atlanta Beltline.