Thursday, October 17, 2013

Important Candidate Forum

Okay, it's been about eight months since my last blog - my apologies.   I've gotten a little busy on the real estate front and with my hobby - freelancing at CSS (Comcast Sports Southeast) a few nights a week, talking SEC Football.  It becomes very addictive!  
I did want to get a blog post out reminding you of the important Dunwoody Homeowners' Association candidate forum 7pm Thursday night at the high school auditorium.

We have an important city council election coming up in November.   There's a lot of mis-information being spread, which is why it is important to attend the forum.  

If you know me, it is no secret that I am supporting Heyward Wescott in District 2 (the district in which I live).   A city council position is the ultimate in public service to the community, and Heyward has a strong track record in Dunwoody.  He was one of the driving forces in starting up the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce and Soap Box Derby.   He is a past president and vice president of the Kingsley Racquet and Swim Club.   He is the current vice president of the Dunwoody Homeowners' Association.  And he is involved in Dunwoody's quest for an independent school district.  Heyward's spent a lot of evenings and Saturday mornings rolling up his sleeves for the betterment of the community.   He's walked the walk.   Meantime, I'm not really sure what his opponents have done.  They probably are very nice guys, but in the time they've lived in Dunwoody, what have they done to better the community?   It's easy to complain, especially from the family room sofa! 

I hope to see you Thursday night!

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Chip said...

Thank goodness!!!! Wondered what ever happened to you.

As you know, I'm back from Cote de Ivorie, too!

See you, there!