Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dunwoody Resident for School Board Confirms his Stance

One of the most important races in the November elections is that for DeKalb County School Board. Dunwoody resident Michael Culver is among those running for the position. Considering Michael's commitment to the community - both past and present - he has my vote. What follows is a email that Micheal sent to a Vanderlyn parent who lives south of Womack Rd. and was concerned that Michael was trying to get the school lines redrawn. That is not his intention.

Thank you for contacting me. I said nothing of the sort. I am not opposed to the 4/5 academy but am willing to listen to people's concerns as we move forward. I did say that I am confident that Dunwoody can make the 4/5 school outstanding if we come together and discuss the concerns that some have had and determine the best way to go forward. I did say that we could deal with concerns about transportation and PTA if we come together now. I did say that I would propose having the K-3 and 4/5 students ride the same buses with a certain drop off and pick up order to help keep the traffic concern to a minimum. I did say that we need to work with the City of Dunwoody, Perimeter College and other local traffic entities to devise an effective traffic routing and timing plan. I did also say that I would bring a majority of the board and Dr. Lewis to Dunwoody prior to the New Year to hear what parents thoughts and ideas were. I did say that there has never been a consensus on attendance numbers at the school and I did say that the board made a decision that it truly thought was best based on the arguments and concerns expressed last Spring about equitable redistricting in Dunwoody. And I did say that the board would not change its position. I also commented that it is unfortunate that Kingsley and Hightower are not directly a part of the new 4/5 academy and that we need to make sure that the cluster does some cooperative programs with these schools to make the transition to PCMS as smooth as possible when the schools come together. This is not a diversion from any previous position. Please feel free to contact me with any other concerns.


Michael Culver
770/630-9371 (c)
678/495-1818 (o)

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