Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A True Hero

In a day and age when many of our elected officials and sports stars let us down on a daily basis, it is rare to find a genuine American hero. When we do find one, we should not only celebrate their accomplishments, but learn from their experience.

US Airways pilot Charles Sullenberger is not only a hero because of his actions that saved the lives of more than 150 people, but he is a hero for what he did prior to that fateful day and what he's done since.

Sullenberger was a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, who later served his country as a fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force, attaining the rank of captain. By all accounts, he has been exemplary in all facets of his life.

Since his now famous incident, Sullenberger, a native Texan, has conducted himself with a sense of class and dignity that defies today's society. He has taken little credit for his courageous acts, and has shunned the spotlight. He did reemerge in the eye of the public this weekend by sitting down for an interview with 60 minutes. It was truly must-see TV! If you missed it, click here and then click on the small video boxes in the middle of the screen. All 30 minutes are well worth your time, and then some.

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