Thursday, May 14, 2009

Solids Not Stripes at Dunwoody Elementary

Dunwoody Elementary Principal Jonathan Clark revealed during a meeting with parents on Thursday night at Dunwoody High that the new school will have a dress code. While students won't be required to wear a uniform, they will be instructed to dress in solid colors only. Stripes, among other designs, will not be acceptable. In explaining the dress code, Mr. Clark said the school does not want clothing to become a distraction. No word if teachers and administrators will be barred from wearing striped shirts or ties.
During the meeting DeKalb County officials gave their final construction update, with Chief Operations Officer Patricia Pope saying, "We are going to finish on time." Officials have scheduled a Grand Opening Celebration August 8 with an open house three days prior.
It was announced that school hours will be 7:45 AM to 2:15 PM. As for school bus schedule, children attending Vanderlyn and Dunwoody will ride the same bus. The bus will drop off at Dunwoody first and then proceed to Vanderlyn. In the afternoon, it will pick up from Dunwoody first and then proceed to Vanderlyn. Bus schedules will be announced on June 1.

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