Thursday, May 7, 2009

State of the City of Dunwoody

Below is a letter from City Councilman Denis Shortal to the citizens of Dunwoody. It is interesting to get his thoughts on the farmers' market.

Fellow Citizens of Dunwoody, Just a quick update on a few issues:
1. New City Hall ... As you know the Dunwwoody Police have been occupying their space in the new city hall since the third week in March. This weekend the rest of our city offices / officials will be leaving our temporary office at 400 Nothridge, starting at 6:00 PM on Friday, and moving into our new city hall at 41 Perimeter Center East.
The new offices will be open for business at 7:30 AM on Monday, 11 May. To get to our new location go Ashford Dunwoody Rd to Perimeter Center East (the Bank America branch bank is on the corner) proceed east until you see the signs on your right for 41 Perimeter Center East ... our offices are on the first two floors. Give everybody a week or so to get settled in and then come over to see your new City Hall.
2. Meetings ... Current plans are for most of the meetings .. City Council, Planning Commission, etc .. to be held in their previous venues until 1 JUN. Our first nightly City Council meeting in the new offices is scheduled for 8 Jun at the regular time of 7 PM.
3. Tragedy ... As you may have noted a 22 month old little girl was run over and killed in an apartment parking lot last night. I would ask you to keep her, her family and those city officials that responded to this case in your thoughts and prayers. For those of you you saw Det Gobley's interview of television I think you will agree that she did a very professional job under extreme trying conditions.
The investigation in ongoing.
4. Police ... From the top on down I think our police officers are doing very professional work. I assure you we are not trying fill our city bank account through fines but, we are enforcing the law to bring protection and peace of mind for our citizens. To give you an idea of some of the speeding problems around town ... we put a speed reading sign by Chestnut School last Thursday. While the sign was operational
- a car apparently lost control and ran over the sign two days after it was up - we had several cars go through at 50+ MPH and one car came through at 67 MPH ... the speed limit in that area is 35 MPH.
5. Roads ... The wet weather continues to hamper pot-hole repair. It is warm enough now to use "hot-mix" (that is the good stuff) and I am sure many of you saw our crews out working yesterday during the sunny portion of the day. Since we have to buy a certain amount of this mix at a time it is much more economical to have full days of good sunny warn weather to fix ht pot holes around the city. I assure this is one of our top priorities.
6. Parks ... Negotiations with DeKalb County continue to move very slowly. We received a counter-proposal from the County last week and while there was a little movement on their position we are still fall apart in reaching a solution. We are still in mediation with the County on the parks. Stayed tuned.
7. Farmer's Market ... I am in favor of having a farmer's market in Dunwoody but with proper guidelines. Some of the guidelines are: hours of operation, what can be sold, traffic control, etc. I think the main issue is that the market should be located in a non-residential zoned area .. preferably in a commercially zoned or some other suitability zoned area. As most of you know I was raised on a farm and I am sympathetic to farmers as I still own a farm in Missouri ... but I want the farmer's market done right to the benefit of the farmers and all of our citizens.
8. Dunwoody Volunteer Coordination Committee ... We are looking for volunteers for the Dunwoody Volunteer Coordination Committee (DVCC).
The idea is to create a master list of talents across the spectrum of our citizens. Please contact Bill Tobin at
I thank you for your continued input and support of our City. As usual please pass this on to all your friends and neighbors. If anyone would like to be added to my email list just contact me.
Denny Shortal, Dunwoody City Council District One, Post One, Mayor Pro Tem

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