Friday, November 20, 2009

Burgers & Light Up Dunwoody

There's little doubt that the heart of Dunwoody could use a great burger joint that is family oriented and community friendly. If two of the city's residents turn their ambitious plan into reality - problem solved!
Ricardo Gonzalo and Matthew Gebhart have taken their idea of Village Burger to family and friends, and now have the financial backing to give it a go. It's just of matter of the numbers and location working out. Right now, the two entrepreneurs have targeted the vacant portion of the Calico Corners building on Dunwoody Village Parkway as the restaurant's site. A lease still has to be worked out, as well as a variance from the city to add an outdoor deck and a new curb-cut to allow right-hand turns into the parking lot.
Gonzalo and Gebhart's concept is a "fast casual" dining experience: walk to the counter to order; food is delivered to the table. The tentative menu has burger prices ranging from $4.49 to $6.49. Village burger will serve draft and bottle beer as well as wine by the glass or bottle. If all goes well, the new restaurant will be up-and-running by spring. Good luck guys!

A reminder that Light Up Dunwoody is Sunday in and around the Shops of Dunwoody. The schedule is below. Hope to see you there!

4:00pm Holiday Kick-Off Parade
4:30 DHS Marching Band
4:45 Dunwoody Elementary Chorus
5:00 PCMS Marching Band
5:15 Chesnut Chorus
5:25 Vanderlyn Dancers
5:35 PCMS Majorettes
5:45 Austin Chorus
5:55 Kingsley Chorus
6:05 Pure Elegance Dancers
6:15 Vanderlyn Chorus
6:30 Lighting of the Farmhouse


Steve Barton said...

Whoa, this is exciting news, thanks for passing this along! About that Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger called "The Buck" -- the old Dunwoody locomotive had another nickname...I wonder if the entrepreneurs considered calling it "The Dinky"!

Rick Callihan said...

Tell them to stock Hoegaarden beer and I'll visit

Bob Fiscella said...

Rick - what's wrong with a good, ole American Budweiser!!!! And Steve - not sure Dinky works too well for marketing a burger!!! But love the nickname