Thursday, November 5, 2009

This past Tuesday night I attended the community meeting for the Comprehensive Plan concerning the Dunwoody Village Overlay District (which includes Dunwoody Village, the Shops of Dunwoody as well as the entire business district). The meeting was attended by 60-80 residents including Mayor Ken Wright, ever present councilman John Heneghan, along with his colleagues Danny Ross and Denny Shortal. It was an open forum, an exchange of ideas, on how we envision the area in 20 years (while the forum was open for all to speak, a couple of councilman and one mayor-wannabe acted as if they were being paid by the word, but that's neither here nor there). Do we want the Village to remain the same? Should we allow 3-5 story buildings which could increase greenspace? Do we want bike lanes?
While all of those questions received a variety of answers, one thing that was seemingly unanimously agree upon: citizens of Dunwoody don't want the roads widened to four lanes. The fear is that four lanes will only increase cut-through traffic. With all due respect to my fellow citizens, I'm not certain that widening roads and lowering speed limits in the Village - and only the Village - will increase traffic. But that's a topic for another day.
Bottom line, over the next several months, the citizens of Dunwoody have the opportunity to determine our own fate. There is a Powerpoint presentation of the meeting's agenda on the city of Dunwoody website. More meetings are upcoming.

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