Friday, January 8, 2010

An Icy Day and Night

For anyone who hasn't been out on the roads yet, be very careful! It's the icy portions of the road that you can't see that are the most dangerous. Friday's high temperature is only expected to hit 30 degrees, so very little or no ice will melt. The forecast for Saturday calls for highs of 34 degrees.
If you thought it was cold today, imagine how cold it got last night for Texas Longhorn fans - like me - who watched their beloved 'Horns get beat by Alabama in the National Championship Game. Congrats to Alabama - Roll Tide, but the result left the Longhorn nation wondering what might have been. On Texas' 5th offensive play of the game, it lost All-American quarterback Colt McCoy to a shoulder injury. McCoy was Texas' be-all-end-all. The 'Horns alpha and omega. When he left the game, Texas' chances of winning were reduced to hoping for a miracle (and with 3 minutes left, trailing by only 3 points, a miracle appeared possible). But it wasn't too be.
As I watched Texas play without its leader, it reminded me of the film The American President. Michael Douglas plays the president (Andrew Shepherd), who lost his wife just prior to getting elected. At one point, Douglas turns to his chief-of-staff (Martin Sheen) and says, "If Mary hadn't died, would we have won three years ago?" Sheen's reply is, "I don't know. But I would've liked that campaign. If my friend Andy Shepherd had shown up, I would have liked that campaign."
That's the way I feel about last night's game. If McCoy hadn't got hurt, I would have liked that game. And Texas' chances.

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