Saturday, January 30, 2010

Odds & Ends

Dunwoody Police Department Launches Investigation

The house fire that caused the death of a 74-year old Dunwoody woman and led to the firing of four DeKalb County firemen, now has the Dunwoody Police Department conducting its own investigation. Dunwoody police were dispatched to the scene at least twice (sources report it was actually 3 times - at approximately 1 am, 4:30 am, and again at 6:30 am). At this point in time, I'm not certain what role the police department should have played in aiding the fire department. For all I know and assume, the police department did exactly what it was supposed to do. It followed protocol. Nonetheless, the department is investigating, as it should. The following is a statement released on Friday by the police department:

On January 24, 2010, officers with the Dunwoody Police Department were dispatched to assist the DeKalb County Fire Department with traffic control for a structure fire at 1687 Houghton Court North. The Dekalb Fire Department was dispatched at 1:05:36 am. The Dunwoody Police Department was dispatched at 1:11:54 am. Two Dunwoody Police Officers arrived on the scene and found several Dekalb County Fire Department vehicles preparing to leave. The Dunwoody Police officers were advised by a firefighter from Ladder 18 that they could not locate any fire and were going back in service. The Dunwoody Police officers went back in service at that time. The DeKalb Fire Department was dispatched shortly after 6:18 am and located the fire at 1687 Houghton Court North. The Dunwoody Police Department responded as well for traffic control. The Dunwoody Police Department is currently conducting a criminal investigation into the death and is working closely with the DeKalb Fire Department and the district attorney’s office on the investigation. Dunwoody investigators will present their findings to the district attorney’s office once the investigation has been concluded.

Mayor's State of the City Address

This past Thursday night Dunwoody Mayor Ken Wright gave his 2010 "State of the City" address. A text of the speech is available by clicking here (I had planned to attend the meeting, but at the last minute was offered a prime ticket to the Georgia Tech/Wake Forest basketball game and choose the latter - of course with all due respect to the mayor). The city appears to be in exceptional financial shape, however funds for repairing and repaving roads could be an issue. Whether or not you agree with all the decisions of the mayor and city council, it's hard to argue that Dunwoody is not in better shape than before incorporation.

Springfield Neighborhood Association

For as long as I can remember - and I have been a resident of Springfield for 16 years - our wonderful neighbor Barbara Beck voluntarily has collected funds to maintain the primary entrance to Springfield (off Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.). Barbara, along with Mari Ann Gallant and Betsy Wagner, among others (and I apologize for not mentioning everyone who's helped) are responsible for our stylish stack stone entrance, easily one of the most attractive in Dunwoody (especially attractive if you remember what the old entrance looked like)! Barbara and her team (Steve Wysocki has mowed the prominade numerous times, even I helped tear out monkey grass and plant some of the current shrubbery), have not only landscaped but maintained the entrance. They have given selflessly to make Springfield a better place to live.

Now it is time for the rest of us to do our share as Barbara passes the torch. A group of neighbors, including myself, have started a voluntary group - the Springfield Neighborhood Association - to ensure that the entrance remains attractive, as well as to foster projects that will continue to enhance the value of our neighborhood. Two meetings already have been held, with a third to be scheduled in February. Among our first projects - raising funds to continue the upkeep of the front entrance. We currently have a little over $200 in our bank account, which will cover our maintanence costs through the spring. In the past, Barbara has asked neighbors to contribute $40 per household. The SNA feels that figure should remain the same for 2010. Barbara says about 25-35 percent of households contribute - we'd love to be able to increase the number.

We are asking all Springfield neighbors to get involved. Please contact me at or 404.644.5220 to learn more. We need your help and support!

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