Sunday, February 7, 2010

Response From Dunwoody High; Public Safety Director at Council Meeting

In my previous blog entry, I told you that I wrote to Dunwoody High School principal Dr. Kevin Harris asking why head football coach Michael Youngblood was fired. Sunday evening, about an hour before the kickoff to the Super Bowl, I received an email response from Steve Fortenberry, social studies teacher and athletic liaison at the high school. Mr. Fortenberry wrote the following:

Mr. Fiscella-
Thanks for your inquiry about the head coaching position at Dunwoody High. Coach Youngblood was let go for several reasons which we are not able to discuss. Dr. Harris our principal decided to move the program in a different direction and felt it was best to sever ties at this time. It was not because of the incident that was written about in the AJC. That was Coach Youngblood giving his thoughts on the matter.
We will have a strong candidate replacing Coach Youngblood and we appreciate your continued support.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Steve Fortenberry
Dunwoody High School

I thank Mr. Fortenberry for his quick response. Although we still don't know why coach Youngblood was fired, we'll have to trust that Dr. Harris made the right decision.

City Council Meeting Monday Night

DeKalb County Director of Public Safety William Miller (second to left in the photo, click to enlarge) will address the Dunwoody City Council at Monday night's meeting. Of course the hot topic is the death of 74-year old Ann Bartlett, who died in that tragic house fire in Dunwoody Club Forest on January 24. Since that incident, 5 firemen have been fired and chief David Foster resigned. I'm really not sure what Mr. Miller will say to the council, but I'm guessing he will reassurance us that the county will continue to serve Dunwoody the best way possible, and that you can bet a similar incident will never happen again. There is some concern that members of the council will try to play politics with the line of questioning to Mr. Miller, but I don't believe that is the case. Our council is above that. I fully expect the questions to be above board.
For more on Monday night's meeting, see Councilor John Henghan's blogsite at

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