Monday, March 29, 2010

New Listing In Springfield: Home to be Razed?

There is a new home on the market in Springfield (above) at 4827 Summerford Dr., bringing the number of homes actively listed to 4. To find out more information on the 4 listings, click on the Buyer's Short Report below.

The home in disrepair at 4899 Springfield Dr. (above) is now under contract, set to close on Wednesday. Word has it that the buyer will tear it down and rebuild, which is certainly good news for neighborhood property values. For more Dunwoody real estate related items, click on my real estate blog at

New City of Dunwoody Survey

The City of Dunwoody is conducting a survey as it creates a brand and identity. To take part in the survey, click on the link below:

1 comment:

Chip said...

I took the survey, and I have to say it was generally innocuous and uninformative. I doubt the results will have any meaningful impact.

The questions were too general and expansive to be answered in a decisive manner; just another "feel good" survey.