Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Will DeKalb Haul Away This Mess

Above is the mess left by the departing owner of 4899 Springfield Dr. I know DeKalb County Sanitation does an amazing job and hauls away just about anything that is put curbside, but this is ridiculous! I'd be surprised if DeKalb would haul this mess, unless it is straightened up - a lot! Hopefully the owner has alerted the sanitation department, but bottom line, this should never happen. It's an eyesore for the neighborhood!


Heyward said...

does that TV still work?

Bob Fiscella said...

Heyward - I'll put on the plastic gloves, check and get back with you!

Chip said...


Shouldn't you be calling your worthy competitor (Tim Hughes of Remax (if I read the "For Sale" sign correctly) and get him on this!!!!