Thursday, August 5, 2010

House Razing & More

Wondering why the unsightly home above on Springfield Dr. has not been razed yet? According to the owner, Ken Mooney, who purchased the property earlier this summer, he is struggling with acquiring all the necessary permits from the City of Dunwoody.
Mooney's plan is to raze the home and build a 3,700 square foot, 4-bedroom, 3-bath home. Mooney stresses that it will not be a "McMansion" and feels the neighbors will be pleased. He says it will be an all-brick home with a list price of approximately $800,000.

Dunwoody City Council Agenda

The Dunwooody City Council meets again on Monday evening, among the items on the agenda the highly controversial residential parking management proposal. For the entire agenda click here and make sure to read councilman John Heneghan's blog.
Bank Robber Caught
According to one of the men accused of robbing the Chase Bank near Publix has been caught. The man is also accused of robbing a bank in Duluth.


Chip said...


Here's a quote from John Heneghan's website blog:

"Work sessions are places to raise ideas for public discussion and that is what was happening here. Was this proposed ordinance going to become law, no I think it was going to be discussed and then go away once it was obvious that it didn't have wide support."

In previous blogs I've criticized Councilman Wittenstein for opening up cans of worms, and I think the above commentary summarizes what I believe is the correct response. Councilman W. errs in broadcasting an ordinance with his personal opinion of its value long before it gets to the point where the city, at large, needs to concern itself with it.

I appreciate Councilman W.'s intentions, but his methods are more contentious and divisive than they are transparent and helpful, in my opinion.

Better he should make his private sentiments known at the public discussion and 1st Read of any controversial ordinance(s) and then see if more citizen input is required.

'Nuff Said!


Heyward said...

I am glad that they caught the bank robber. That was a blazzin armed robbery in the middle of Dunwoody.