Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dunwoody Village Meeting; New "Burger Joint"

Two big thumbs up for the City of Dunwoody, which hosted the first of 4 community meetings on Tuesday evening to discuss the future of Dunwoody Village. I give two thumbs up because the "to-the-point" meeting, which wrapped-up in about one hour, was all about getting public input. The more than 200 people that nearly filled the chapel at Dunwoody Baptist Church took part in a slide show survey. We were asked to give our thoughts and opinions on what the Village should look like a generation from now.

The two large video boards at DBC would flash a slide, such as the one pictured above, and we were asked, on a scale of 1-to-5, if this is what we would like to see. There were a total of 65 slides in all followed by some multiple choice questions/opinions. Afterward, we were invited to give more input on such issues as traffic, bike trails, greenspace, etc.

It was encouraging to see this many folks come out on a Tuesday evening. However, it also was disappointing that even more choose not to get involved in the process. The next meeting on the Village is scheduled for Tuesday, October 28. For more information on the Village redevelopment, go to Master Plan Dunwoody Village.

The project manager for the Dunwoody Village redevelopment plan is city manager Warren Hutmacher. Click on the link below to read his thoughts on the project, prior to last night's meeting.
Village Burger

Dunwoody Village now has a "burger joint." This week Village Burger opened in the location previously occupied by Brusters. I haven't been there yet, but in previous conversations with co-owner Richardo Gonzalo, his idea was a family-friend restaurant that served great burgers (100 percent Angus beef, never frozen) in a low-key environment.

Village Burger's menu is available online. The House Burger with a side of fries is $5.28. The menu also includes all-beef hot dogs and charbroiled, chicken breast sandwiches. For dessert - chocolate or vanilla frozen custard (Village Burger describes it as "what happens when soft serve meets premium ice cream). Beer and Wine is available.


Joe Seconder said...

Bob, To help get more attendees at these important public input meetings, I've asked city staff Jeff Timler to consider installing temporary road signs with meeting notification. Cobb County does it all the time and it works great.

Pattie Baker said...

Bob: Speaking of new establishments, I'd like to give a shout-out to Red Mango, the new "yogurt joint" near Publix. It is especially nice to see so many teens meeting up with their friends there.

Bob Fiscella said...

Joe - I love the idea. I'm not certain how many more folks it would get to the meetings, but definitely worth a shot!

Pattie - that is great to hear. Hopefully, someday we'll have a walkable Village and we'll see a lot more of that!