Monday, January 10, 2011

Thoughts on a Snowy Monday

School Petition

Are you happy with the proposals for the redrawing of the school attendance zones by DeKalb County?  Many, including myself, are not thrilled.  Aside from likely lowering the property value of homes in my neighborhood (and many other neighborhoods), I don't feel the new zones will foster a better learning environment for many Dunwoody children.  If you are not happy, please click on the link below and electronically sign the petition that will be sent to the powers that be:

Recap of DHA Annual Meeting

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association held its annual meeting yesterday at Dunwoody United Methodist, and some great information was passed along. 
Here's the latest concerning Chick-fil-A opening a restaurant in Orchard Park:  the DHA voted down CFA's first site plan, expect a new plan to be submitted next month.  It's not that the DHA doesn't want Chick-fil-A to be part of the community, it's simply a case of doing what is best for the community, which may or may not include a CFA.
Updates from the City of Dunwoody were a large part of the meeting.  Parks and Recreation Director Brent Walker said a preliminary parks' master plan will be unveiled at a meeting at City Hall on January 27.  A final plan will be presented to city council by the end of February. 
Public Works Director Michael Smith gave an update on the repaving of Dunwoody Club Drive.  He said if not for the colder-than-normal weather, the project would be finished by now.  He said we need a stretch of dry days with temperatures, at the very least, in the upper 40's in order to complete the repaving.  Smith said the city has 150 miles of road, and the cost to repave every road would be $21 million.  The city's entire annual budget is less than $20 million.  So be patient.  The city will spend about $2 million this year on roads.
And Police Chief Billy Grogan spoke of all the programs being offered by his department to Dunwoody residents including neighborhood watches, ride-alongs and teen driving classes.
Also, congratulations to newly-elected State Representative Tom Taylor, who made his way down to the capitol today and was swarn into office!

Is it 4 or 5 inches?


Steve Barton said...

Bob: That is 7 inches on your standard ruler. Maybe there is a special snow ruler to make it 4 to 5...(!)

Greg said...

Blogger Bob:

Nice manicure on the hand model holding the rule.

Unfortunately, you photo angle is so "off" who can tell?

Stick the rule into the snow, next time.

A similar scene yielded 5 1/2 inches at my house on Monday AM.