Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Latest on the Dunwoody Murder: Victim Allegedly Killed by Wife's Boss; DeKalb Sparks Controversy with School Lines

By Christian Boone and Craig Schneider
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Hemy Neuman
Rusty Sneiderman was killed by his wife's boss, sources say.
Sneiderman, gunned down outside a Dunwoody day care facility last fall, knew his alleged killer, police spokesman Mike Carlson told the AJC, adding investigators haven't ruled out the possibility of another suspect emerging in the case. "It's still under investigation," he said.
Hemy Zvi Neuman, 48, an operations and quality manager with General Electric, was arrested Tuesday and charged in the Nov. 18 murder of Sneiderman, killed moments after dropping off his son at Dunwoody Prep day care. Neuman, being held at the DeKalb County jail without bond, requested a public defender at his first court appearance Wednesday afternoon.
Neuman was engineering manager Andrea Sneiderman's supervisor at GE Energy and though they worked across the street from each other in the Wildwood Parkway office complex off Powers Ferry Road, they had met often, according to the company. They were charged with overseeing the specifications and performance standards for products ranging from nuclear reactors to turbines to solar panels, GE said.
Neuman, a father of three, grew up in Israel and wrote on his Facebook page that he attended a large residential school north of Tel Aviv. According to the Hadassim site its students are immigrants and Israeli children from disadvantaged families.
His alleged victim's father had little to say about the arrest when reached at his Ohio home.
"We talked to the police. We just don’t know enough, so we aren’t going to comment right now,” Don Sneiderman told the AJC.
Sneiderman, an ambitious entrepreneur, was a most unlikely victim. He married his college sweetheart and the couple had two small children.
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DeKalb Sparks Controversy with School Lines

Centralized Option
As everyone with children who lives in Dunwoody knows by now, DeKalb County released two plans to redraw attendance lines for our schools.  Both plans calls for Austin and Vanderlyn to return to K-5 schools, with Dunwoody Elementary also becoming a K-5.   Most of those families that will remain in Austin and Vanderlyn seem pleased with either plan, while many that will be redistricted to Dunwoody Elementary are disappointed (some in Chesnut are disappointed as one plan calls for them to be redistricted across I-285).   You can click on the photo above to view the Centralized Option Plan, and click on the photo below to view the Decentralized Option Plan.

Decentralized Option
The reasons for either being pleased or disappointed are obvious (and really not worth rehashing here).   To truly make your voice heard, contact your new school board representative, Nancy Jester at


Momfirst said...

Bob, I'm confused. People are saying that Chateau Woods and Georgetown would be affected but as far as I can tell (they don't have all the roads on here) it looks to me that anything below Peeler turning into Chamblee Dunwoody is in DES which would include all the Chateau Woods & Georgetown subdivision people, no? I agree w/ your comments on Rick's blog, they are quite happy in the Austin and north of Womack areas and don't give a hoot what happens to us. I strongly support the centralized plan but unfortunately nobody could see the forest for the trees when voting out a DUNWOODY resident on the BOE and voting in a Chamblee resident. I hope I'm wrong but I have a feeling where her alliance lies.

SmartOne said...


Jester saw the plan for the first time at the board mtg. U blaming her already? What did that dunwoody resident you speak of do the past 4 years for dunwoody? i'll answer that 4 u - he did nothing. austin is lowest rated structure in whole system, vanderlyn has 500 too many kids and jim signed off on a $20 million mega school no one wants part of. that dunwoody resident did nothing but make deals to benefit walker and lewis, that's why he was not reelected. dunwoody people lookng very prejudice not wanting to go to DES

Bob Fiscella said...

In the Centralized Plan, Chateau Woods and Georgetown would both be moved across I-285 to Kittridge (the old Nancy Creek Elementary). I know there is an effort to get these two neighborhoods back into DES (or Chesnut) within the Centralized Plan. I think this plan, with those neighborhoods staying north of I-285, makes the most sense.

Momfirst said...

Sorry, I was reading it as if everything below Chamblee Dunwoody & Peeler went south - mis-read obviously. Yes, Bob I agree, that would be the preferred option to those of us south of the mason dixon/womack line :)