Thursday, September 22, 2011

Real Estate Update

Great new listing of mine (above) coming up - less than 60 second walk to Murphey Chandler Park.  If you know of anyone in the market, please send them in my direction.  I'll be happy to provide them with exceptional service.
Until the job market gets turned around in the metro area, home prices will continue to fall.  The good news is Dunwoody continues to out-perform the area as a whole, however pricing is not where homeowners would like it to be.
Currently there are 151 active listings in Dunwoody in the 30338 and 30360 zip codes.  34 homes are currently under contract.  The ratio of active listings to those pending is not great, but it's better than it has been.  The median average for active listings is $350,000.  In the past 60 days, 53 homes have sold (median sales price is $320,000), compared with 40 in the same time frame last year.  However, the median average of those 40 homes last year was $396,000.  Does that the mean the market is down 19 from last year?  No.  It simply means more lower priced homes are selling.
To view any of the active listings with photos, in descending order by price, click on the first link below.  To view as a list, click on the 2nd link.

Buyer Report

Mayoral Debate

I don't know the party affiliation of any of the three candidates for mayor, but the North Dekalb Republican Women’s Club will host at City of Dunwoody Mayoral Candidate debate on Saturday, October 1st at Dunwoody Library. A Meet & Greet with coffee will begin at 10:00 AM, followed by Introductions and Q & A Session at 10:30 AM. Please feel free to bring your friends and your questions and to the event. Please pass this on to friends and neighbors that are interested in the Future of the City of Dunwoody.  The Dunwoody Homeowners Association will hold its candidate forum on October 13th at the new Dunwoody High School auditorium.  Election Day is Tuesday, November 8.

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Joe Seconder said...

Dunwoody Nature Center is sponsoring a Candidate Forum on Sustainability, as well on 10/25: