Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm In, I'm Out

A funny thing happened on the way to running for office …
Let me start from the beginning.

I used to have one of the most wonderful next door neighbors imaginable – a wise grandfather with a heart of gold. His name was Bill Dunn. I recall the many times Bill and I would sit on his front porch discussing area politics, and life in general. Bill would often mention a very bright guy who, years earlier, lived on the opposite side, next door. He couldn’t gush enough about him – as a community-minded citizen; as a person. He’d say, “You would’ve like him.”
Fast forward to this past week. After announcing I would seek the council position being vacated by Danny Ross, I learned that another candidate had qualified to run for the seat. We reached out to one another, and late last week met for the first time.

He was interested to know where I lived in the Springfield subdivision, as he once was a resident of the neighborhood. It didn’t take long to figure out this was the very gentleman Bill spoke so highly of years before!
After an engaging three-hour get together, I realized why Bill thought so much of Kerry de Vallette. I also realized that Kerry’s vision of the city aligned with mine - shockingly so. And his passion for serving was even greater than mine.
With that, I have decided not to run for city council, but instead, endorse the candidacy of Kerry de Vallette. I have little doubt he will make an exceptional councilor.


DunwoodyTalk said...

class act, Bob. Hope to keep you involved, the next DHA prez?

Bob Fiscella said...

Thx. Good luck on your election!