Friday, October 28, 2011

Parks and Updates

Dunwoody's parks' bonds are attracting attention across the city.  Click on the photo above to watch CBS-46's story on the city's intent to tear down the Dunwoody Glen apartments and turn the land into athletic fields.
I've been quiet since Monday night's last-minute, suspiciously-timed announcement by city council on its loosely-defined plan to spend $19 million to purchase the apartments off Peachtree Industrial, and potentially construct ball fields (or so we are told).  Why the rush?  Is it morally right to essentially eviction five percent of Dunwoody's population, without a relocation plan for these families?  I would like to see fewer apartments and more owner-occupied properties in Dunwoody, but there are better ways to accomplish this.
I agree, parks are right.  However, these bonds are wrong.
I hope to share more of my thoughts in The Crier next week, but for now, read the words of Dunwoody Farmer Bob.  It's hard to argue many of his points.

Update from Councilman Shortal

Councilman Denis Shortal has sent out his regular update.  It's extremely late and I'm staying up well past my bedtime to watch an amazing Game 6 of the World Series, so instead of the time-consuming process of reprinting his words and searching for appropriate photos, you'll have to click on Councilman Shortal to read it.  And with that - this white-knuckler of a game just ended, the Cardinals, in dramatic fashion, beat the Rangers 10-9 in 11 innings to send the Series to a deciding Game 7.  Amazing!  Oh by the way, General Shortal is a Cardinals fan from Missouri.

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DunwoodyMan said...

I wonder if Mayor Ken Wright will personally offer to help pack kids' belongings into U-Hauls if they are forced to move. It would be a great photo op: "Former Mayor helps lend a hand to residents he helped evict to build a ballfield"