Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Worthless Endorsement

This week the Atlanta Board of Realtors announced endorsements for the Dunwoody mayor and city council races.  I am a proud member of the Atlanta Board, which has an exceptional track record of helping home buyers and sellers, and homeowners in general.
However, the Atlanta Board's endorsement of candidates should be taken with a grain of salt.  As should the endorsement of any Political Action Committee.  The very nature of PACs is to look after their own interests, first and foremost.  In this case, it is the interests of residential and commercial Realtors, and not the citizens of Dunwoody.  And at times the Realtors interest clash with those of the citizens.  For example - impact fees.  Rarely do Realtors want impact fees, which could stifle development.  However, the impact of development can take its toll on schools, roads and stormwater.  Who should pay for that - the developers or the taxpaying citizens?
For more on the endorsements by the Atlanta Board, read this blog post on Dunwoody Talk.  You be the judge.

Transportation Plan Working

Since Dunwoody Elementary School Principal Johnathan Clark enacted a new transportation plan, I understand traffic flow into and out of the school parking lot has improved greatly in the morning.  I've yet to drive the route in the am, but I hope that's the case.   Now if we can just get a Dunwoody Police Officer directing traffic at the four-way intersection at Vermack and Womack for an hour in the morning ...

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