Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dunwoody Rejects Parks Bonds, Two Runoffs

Election Results (unofficial)

Mayor - Bob Dallas - 3787 (43%), Mike Davis - 3389 (39%), Gordon Jackson - 1540 (17%)
District 1 - Terry Nall - 3824 (44%), Robert Wittenstein - 3564 (42%) , Rick Callihan - 1133 (13%)
District 2 - Lynn Deutsch - 4593 (55%), Kerry de Vallette - 3694 (44%)
District 3 - John Heneghan - 7087 (98.9%)
Parks Acquisition Bond - No - 6163 (67%), Yes - 3080 (33%)
Parks Improvement Bond - No - 5531 (60%), Yes - 3715 (40%)
Redevelopment Powers (TAD) - Yes - 4759  (54%), No - 4013 (46%)
Sunday Alcohol Sales - Yes - 7395 (80%), No - 1906 (20%)
SPLOST - Yes - 33114 (62%), No - 20141 (38%) 

The results of Tuesday's election are official with both parks bonds being soundly defeated.  I give a lot of credit to the citizens of Dunwoody.  While most all of us would like to see new and improved parks, these bonds were poorly written and showed a lack of transparency (plus right now, not too many folks can stomach another tax increase).  The new city council will get its chance to deal with parks in a more responsible manner. 

Speaking of the new city council, it will have at least two new members and maybe even three.  The mayor's race is going to a runoff between Bob Dallas and Mike Davis.  Considering all the money Dallas spent, according to The Crier, I'm surprised the vote was that close.  But Dallas does have a war chest to draw from for the runoff, which is December 6.  It will be interesting which way Gordon throws his support (for what it is worth).

In District 1, incumbent Robert Wittenstein was forced into a runoff by Terry Nall, who actually got a greater percentage of the vote.  While Robert apparently has a large war chest for the runoff, history is not on an incumbent's side.  Plus, Rick is likely to throw his support to Terry.

In District 2, Lynn Deutsch beat Kerry de Vallette to win the seat being vacated by Danny Ross.  Congratulations to Lynn.  And in District 3, John Heneghan ran unopposed, picking up over 7,000 votes, which is the most ever by a candidate in Dunwoody.  Congrats John!

The citizens of Dunwoody sent DeKalb County Schools as message, voting against the SPLOT penny sales tax by a margin of almost 2-to-1, however, it passed in the countywide vote by almost a 2-to-1 margin. 

Finally, in the most lopsided race on Tuesday, the citizens of Dunwoody overwhelmingly approved the sale of Sunday alcohol by a margin of 4-to-1!   I, for one, will raise a glass to that!


Chip said...

Just in case Rob A. shows his face over here, I want him to know that I'm letting him go first with his "spin" on the parks. It should prove entertaining, if not enlightening.

As Abe Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

Maybe the Council should have remembered the original motto proposed, "Smart People, Smart Place". They tried to slip a fast one by, mishandled it from the get go, and now have paid the price.

Wittenstein's blog comment about the people speaking and being heard "loud and clear" should have been a forethought, and not an afterthought. I'm supporting Terry Nall in the runoff, btw.


Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

Bob, don't forget that last set of numbers was reported prior to the last week of mailers, ads, flyers and all of those SIGNS!! There may be some revisions after accounting for that kind of stuff.

My favorite of all of those signs was "Bonds No, Beer Yes". I tried to use it as my profile picture but I received an stern email from the sign's creator's attorneys, Doowie, Cheatum and Howe threatening me with copyright infringement, litigation and a bad haircut. Only one did not frighten me.

Wmac said...
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