Monday, May 21, 2012

City Releases Investigative Report

The much anticipated report into the leak of executive session matters at Dunwoody City Council meetings was released by the city on Monday.  To read the full report, click Investigative Report.
The report by former DeKalb District Attorney Bob Wilson is 40-pages long.  It does not paint a pretty picture for city attorney Brian Anderson or Councilwoman Adrian Bonser, both of whom worked long and hard for the city over the last four years.
The findings help explain why Mayor Mike Davis put forward a resolution to remove Anderson from his job.  Should he be fired?  And what about the councilwoman?   Can either be trusted again?
Read the report.  Read Dunwoody Farmer Bob's latest blog.  Draw your own conclusions.  Regardless, it is a sad day for the city.


Sight Edman said...

I suppose "it's a sad day" is one way to look at it. Perhaps, though, it has been a sad 4 years and now we're aligning our course a bit more with a path of integrity. Of course that depends on whether the Mayor and Council have the courage to do the right thing, but as the underlying circumstances leading to this situation have always been in place, the proper decision is by no means certain.

Bob Fiscella said...

Sight Edman - I'll have more to say on this in my next blog post, but city council now MUST do the right thing. I'll be terribly disappointed if it doesn't.

charlesalvarez23 said...

This is a sensitive issue and I am hoping that things will fall in its proper places. Thank you for sharing this.

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