Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dunwoody Fires City Attorney, Arts Festival

An eye-popping agenda item has been added to Monday night's city council meeting.  Mayor Mike Davis has fired City Attorney Brian Anderson. 

 RESOLUTION 2012-05-17


WHEREAS, the Mayor has the authority to appoint a City Attorney with the consent of the
City Council; and
WHEREAS, Brian Anderson currently serves as the City Attorney for the City of
Dunwoody; and
WHEREAS, the Mayor and Council no longer have confidence in the abilities and
judgment of the City Attorney; and
WHEREAS, the City Attorney serves at the will of the City Council; and
WHEREAS, the Mayor has advised the City Attorney of the City’s desire that he either
resign his position or be terminated; now
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Mayor and Council of the City of Dunwoody that:

1. The employment of the City Attorney shall be terminated.
2. The termination of employment is effective May 14, 2012.
SO RESOLVED AND EFFECTIVE this 14th day of May, 2012

So the obvious question - why was the city attorney fired?  Anderson has been in the position from day one, appointed by Mayor Ken Wright.  He was the acting president of Citizens for Dunwoody, and served on the Executive Committee from its inception to the official start of the City.
Councilman John Heneghan posted a blog Saturday morning that reads, "I am posting this item as well, but it brings me no joy in order to do so. Do me a favor, please don't jump to conclusions on this."
I'll respect John's request, but will say that Mayor Davis is running a tight ship and demanding accountability.

Dunwoody Arts Festival

The 3rd Annual Dunwoody Arts Festival is underway in the village (which means the section of Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. between Mt. Vernon and Dunwoody Village Parkway is closed).  If you haven't been to the festival - check it out.  My family has had fun the past two years, for no other reason than bumping into neighbors and friends, and catching up with them.  Click on Dunwoody Arts Festival for more information.


Robert Wittenstein said...

One small correction, Bob...Mike has not fired Brian, he doesn't have that authority. Brian works for the city council and only they can appoint a city attorney or remove one.

Mike is asking the city council to fire Brian on Monday.

Bob Fiscella said...

Thanks Robert. I jumped to the conclusion that the mayor has the necessary votes.