Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Elementary School has a Name, Village Mill hopes to Solve Traffic Issues

The new 4th/5th grade academy off Womack Rd. finally has a name - Dunwoody Elementary! The school's mascot will be the Tigers. School colors will be light blue and dark blue. Go Tigers!
I attended the city council meeting last night and clearly the highlight of the proceedings was the plea by the residents of Village Creek Dr. for measures to slow down, if not control traffic. The council unanimously passed a measure that clears the way for six speed tables to be installed on Village Creek Dr. But before any work can be performed, 65 percent of the residents of Village Creek Dr. and Village Creek Court must sign a petition approving the speed tables, which will cost the city, as a whole, $12,000 with homeowners of the two streets each assessed a $25-per-year charge. No doubt action needs to be taken in Village Mill to solve the dangerous traffic issues, especially with expansion at nearby Georgia Perimeter College and the August opening of Dunwoody Elementary. Village Mill has become a "cut through" neighborhood, and it's a shame. But I'm not certain speed tables are the ultimate answer. Certainly the speed tables will slow down the traffic, but will it cut down the traffic? Will residents be happy with the speed tables five years down the road? If I was a resident of Village Mill, I would rather have the Peeler entrance closed off, thereby making it a cul-de-sac and thus eliminating any "cut through" traffic. Plus, a cul-de-sac would greatly increase property values. There are times I wish certain stretches of Springfield Dr. and Summerford Dr. had speed calming devices!

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