Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Will Dunwoody Lift Water Ban?

In case you missed this article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday - it was worth the read!

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Denis Shortal tools around town in his beloved little red Corvette.
Yet even with the three-year drought officially over and rain sprinkling metro Atlanta nearly every day, it’s still a no-no for him to wash it in his yard.
The Dunwoody councilman thinks that’s just wrong.
“A lot of people really take care of their cars, and they haven’t been able to,” Shortal said. “The paint job doesn’t do too well if you don’t wash it and polish it once in a while.”
Shortal will ask his council colleagues on Monday to petition the state to allow residents to wash their cars on the same three days they can hand-water their lawns.
The state will say no.
So says Environmental Protection Division spokesman Kevin Chambers. That’s because Lake Lanier — the water source for most of the region — remains 9 feet below full. Until it bounces back, which likely will take months, the outdoor watering restrictions will stay in place.
“It’s not like you can take your plants out somewhere to water them and then take them back,” Chambers said. “Cars can be washed at car washes, so there is an alternative.”
Shortal doesn’t think car washes treat vehicles with the same respect that owners do. Cars are the second-biggest investment for most people, after their homes, and deserve that kind of respect, he said.

Some quarters applaud that logic. Mary Keesee has done her part to conserve by not watering her lawn in the Village Mill area of Dunwoody. But she wants the state to know she could be creative — and even recycle — if the state lets her soap up her car.
“We could put our cars on our lawns and wash them there,” Keesee said. “Then, it would be hand-watered, right?”

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