Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dunwoody Elementary on Fox News

In just its 4th day of existence, Dunwoody Elementary School made the national news! Fox News was at Dunwoody Elementary on Thursday morning to interview principal Johnathan Clark on the preventative measures the school is taking to combate illnesses such as the H1N1 virus - otherwise known as Swine Flu. Click on the picture to watch.
Curriculum night at Dunwoody Elementary is 6-7:30 pm Monday for 4th graders and 6-7:30 pm Tuesday for 5th graders. The evening will provide parents with the opportunity to visit their child's classroom and learn about the curriculum planned for the academic year. After attending the PTO meeting on Thursday night, I would suggest all parents make the effort!


Steve Barton said...

Bob: Thanks for this link to the Fox News video! I live across the street from Dunwoody Elementary and have looked at the traffic twice, Monday afternoon and Friday afternoon. There appeared to be great improvement in reducing the back-up of eastbound cars on Womack from Monday's t-total traffic jam. Probably the result of parents changing the time they show up or, hopefully, putting their kids on the buses.

Bob Fiscella said...

Glad to hear that traffic appears to be improving. I believe Mr. Clark when he says he is doing all he can. Unfortunately, when 25 kids ride a bus one day and only 5 the next, it makes it tough. Hopefully the traffic isn't killing you, my friend!