Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of School; DHA Supports Vernon North

Monday marked the first day of school in DeKalb County - as well as most public schools across the state - and the bus for Dunwoody Elementary and Vanderyn came early. The first Springfield stop was promptly at 6:42 am! After the bus picked up my kids at 6:50, I started on my morning jog down Womack - and man-o-man you should have seen the backup! I was rather surprised that the Dunwoody Police Department didn't have an officer directing traffic at the flashing red light at Womack and Vermack, as cars stacked up 20-25 deep. My suggestion: walk or ride the bus - it will save a ton of aggravation. Oh by the way, WSB-TV was live at Dunwoody Elementary this morning.
The Dunwoody Homeowners Association held it's monthly business meeting last night. Among the items of interest: Bill Grant unveiling blueprints for a new bank (Piedmont Bank) that will take over the spot formerly occupied by Wolf Camera near Fresh Market. Grant says he hopes to have construction complete by the end of the year. The bank building will be slightly bigger than Wolf, with one drive-thru window and one ATM drive thru.
The DHA also heard from the Vernon North neighborhood which plans to appeal the decision by the Dunwoody Zoning Board of Appeals to grant the Goddard School the necessary stream buffer variance to build an 11,000 square-foot playground that will abut its property (the Goodard School plans to open a childcare facility in Dunwoody Village Court adjacent to the Vernon North neighborhood). Vernon North says the city did not follow due process. The DHA voted 10-1 to give Vernon North $2,500 to help with legal fees for the appeal, which the neighborhood estimates will run $10,000-$15,000. Not convinced that the city followed proper procedure, I voted yes to helping Vernon North in its appeal.


Rick Callihan said...


Aside from the procedure issue, do you think the variance should have been allowed?

Bob Fiscella said...

That's a good question! Obviously the homeowners knew when they purchased their property that they backed up to a property zoned O & I. But to be honest, I don't know enough about variances to know if the ZBA should have approved it. I want to say no, but that's just me as a homeowner speaking.

Rick - I'm waiting for a new entry to your blog - enjoy reading it.

Rick Callihan said...


I have been traveling a good bit for business and pleasure both, then hurt my back at a krav maga class.

I hope to post something soon as I am writing a couple of pieces here and there.

I'd like to write about DeKalb schools but the low hanging fruit is off limits.

Rick Callihan said...

I did find the quote from Bosner in today's Crier interesting. From the Crier, "and Bonser promised the council would provide its support to the academy."

I'd like to know what support she has in mind. If it is moral support, OK. Anything more and forget it. Last I checked that is a county school.

But I'd say the DHA joining against the playground is this week's top story. In life we pick our battles, and that is one DHA needs not be in. Whoever lives in those two homes affected by that playground must be pretty important here in Dunwoody.

Bob Fiscella said...

Concerning Vernon North, the bottom line for me was that it appears procedure was not followed. Will it make a difference if the variance is re-filed properly? I'm not sure. But the DHA does represent homeowners, and I feel $2,500 sends the right message while not being excessive.