Monday, August 17, 2009

Shortal Gives Dunwoody Update

The following are the comments of Dunwoody City Councilman Denis Shortal.

Fellow Citizens of Dunwoody ... Just some brief updates concerning our City:
1. City Hall Open House - Tonight, 17 AUG, from 4 to 7 PM there will be an Open House at your City Hall. I invite and urge all of you to come see your beautiful new City Hall. They will be tours and various other activities. Your City Hall is located at 41 Perimeter Center East. Quick directions .... coming south on Ashford Dunwoody Road make a left turn at the corner of the Bank America Branch and the McDonalds. If coming north on Ashford Dunwoody Road make a right turn at the same corner. Follow the road around to 41 Perimeter Center East ... the building will be on your right. Hope to see all of you there. After the Open House you are all invited to stay for your City Council's work session meeting that starts at 7 PM.
2. Security - We have had some home break-ins within our city. The hot items for the thieves seem to be flat screen TVs, laptop computers and any jewelry that they can find quickly. They are in and out in a very short time. Our police have a steady stream of patrols but the police need every citizen's help. We need everyone to step up and be the "eyes and ears" of our police. We are not asking anyone to confront suspicious people ... that is the police's job. What we do need is for everyone to be vigilant of what is going on around your home, street and neighborhood. The following are a few action items that will enhance your security and the security of our neighborhoods:
1. If you are leaving your house, even for a short time, let your neighbors know and ask them to be watchful.
2. If you see a suspicious person/s and/or a car on your street or at your or your neighbor's house ... call 911 ASAP. Do not hesitate to
call ... you are not bother our police ... you are helping them.
Remember call 911 ASAP!!!
3. Make a written note ASAP of the your best description of the suspicious person/s, car etc. Make the note when the info is fresh in your mind. Any specifics, like make, model, color and/or license plate
number (if you can only get two or three numbers of the license it
will be of great help to our police) of the car or a specific description of the person is extremely helpful.
4. Keep a camera handy and take pictures through your window of any suspicious person/s, cars , etc.
Security (Part 2) - Almost every car break-in that we have is caused by someone leaving something of valve - a computer, cellphone, purse, etc. - that can be seen from the outside. This is like leaving an open invitation to a thief. We will save ourselves a lot of grief if we keep everything of value that we have in our car hidden and out of view.
Security (Part 3) - Ladies when you are out shopping only take those items into the store that are absolutely necessary for you to conduct your transactions. If you must take your entire purse into the store - and I recommend you don't do that - make sure your purse is closed and you keep it secure at all times. As above, an open purse in the top of your shopping cart is a open invitation to thieves. At lot of times the thieves operate in pairs ... one to distract you with questions while the other thief snatches your wallet, etc. out of you purse.
3. Cross Walks and School Zones - School is back in session and I just want to emphasize slowing down, observing the speed limits around our schools and stopping when a pedestrian is in a cross walk. We have already had incidents of speeding around our schools and motorist not stopping for students and other pedestrians who are in the cross walks.
4. Personal Note - I will be having my reelection campaign kickoff one evening during the week of 31 AUG - 3 SEP. More info to follow on this when we have the date solidified.
My sincere thanks to each of you for your continued interest, involvement and support as we "Continue To Build Our City Together." ...

Denny Shortal, City Council District One - Post 1/ Mayor Pro Tem.

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