Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crawford Lewis is Out as DeKalb Superintendent

First one of his top lieutenants was the subject of a police investigation; then DeKalb County School System superintendent Crawford Lewis became the subject of an investigation himself. Now Lewis is out as head of the county's school system. Lewis and the school board worked out a mutual agreement on Friday (read the entire story by clicking here).

I've got to give Lewis his just due. Considering the circumstances, he did a darn good job in cleaning up the mess left by his predecessor. And he is largely responsible for the creation of Dunwoody Elementary School. While Dunwoody Elementary is not the perfect situation for the children of Springfield, it is a lot better than the first plan devised by DeKalb. However, in Lewis' final year on the job, he created just as messy a situation as predecessor Johnny Brown. Why the school board ever gave him an extension (just this past January) is beyond me. How could the board not see what the rest of us saw!

Crawford Lewis - good luck. The first 32 of your 33 years with DeKalb County Schools is greatly appreciated!


Momfirst said...

I actually applaud the raise now that we know that it had the cap clause upon his separation w/ the county...we saved a lot more than we spent because of whomever on the board thought up the cap!

Bob Fiscella said...

Momfirst - Good point. The restructing of the contract worked in the taxpayers' favor!