Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Speed Measures in Springfield, For Now

For those of us that live on Springfield Dr. and Summerford Dr. we know, first hand, that speeding is a problem, especially by cut through traffic. And not by more than just a few miles an hour.

Our wonderful neighbor Candy Stirling took up the challenge of contacting the city of Dunwoody to see what could be done concerning traffic-calming devices. The city responded in an expeditious manner by stretching a speed/traffic-measuring hose across Summerford just north of the intersection with Springfield from March 29-March 31 (The city also measured two other areas of our neighborhood).
The results shows that while the average vehicle exceeds the speed limit, the margin was not enough to warrant either consideration for speed tables or stop signs (the chart below is the results from traffic measured on Thursday, March 31. Click on the chart to enlarge).

Nonetheless, a big thank you to Candy for this undertaking. Below is Candy's note to the neighborhood as we continue to look for ways to keep our children safe on our neighborhood streets.

Summerford Neighbors,

Well, everyone can stop holding their breath about the speed bump decision. I talked with the city yesterday and we do not qualify for speed bumps or stop signs. There are studies attached if you are interested in what the survey showed. To sum it up, we had an avg. speed of 30mph each day for 3 days. He agreed with me that this is fast in a residential area, but it does not meet the over 10 mph criteria. One fact I was shocked about, which makes our street seem so bad, was there were between 250-300 cars per day riding up and down Summerford. That is a lot of traffic. So, we have our answer. We will just have to continue with our yelling tactics to get the cars to slow down. Just keep watching your kiddos extra close! I hate to think what one accident could do and we have up to 300 chances per day. Thanks to everyone for helping out and supporting our neighborhood.

There is one thing that we can have done to deter speeding at no cost to us. We can contact the police dept. and get on the list to have the speeding trailer put in someone's yard. If we wanted to have this done a few times this summer I would be willing to contact them to set it up. There just has to be someone willing to park this in their yard or possibly in front of their house. It has to meet criteria for where it is put as far as distance and visibility goes, but much easier to my understanding to make happen. If we are interested I could go ahead and find out and get on the list. This does make me slow down when I pass one. I am up for anything that will help.

Lastly, I wanted to be sure everyone knew how easy the City of Dunwoody was to work with and get in contact with throughout this whole process. I was extremely happy with everything that was done and how personable they were.

Thanks everyone!!


Pattie Baker said...

Bob: I'd be curious to see how your traffic numbers compare with Dunwoody Club Forest. I know that neighborhood recently got several new stop signs, and I'm sure the data would be interesting to see. I'd also love to learn more about the difference between speed bumps and speed signs on actually achieving the goal of creating a safer neighborhood street. Maybe Bob Dallas can give us his expert input here.

Platos Republic said...

If a council member lives in your neighborhood I think the traffic study step can be skipped - you simply get stop signs

Bob Fiscella said...

I have corrected the link issues. If you click on the chart within the blog, it should give you the numbers for the 3 days of testing. Are the Dunwoody Club Forest numbers available?



Pattie Baker said...

I haven't seen them.

Rick said...


Reab Platos' post in regards to the Dun Club numbers.

Bob Fiscella said...


Certainly I know what Platos is getting at. However, was a study never conducted in DCF? I truly don't know. Do you?

Dunwoody Mom said...

I was taking a friend home several weeks who lives in DCF. I was surprised to see the Stop signs and asked her when they were installed. She indicated that they "just appeared" one day. She had no idea there was even talk of putting those signs in. Compare that to the length of time it took to get the speed humps installed in Village Mill. I guess it is, "who you know".

Bob Fiscella said...

Dunwoody Mom,
I might be naive, but I'm hoping they did a study over in DCF as well.

Platos Republic said...


No study needed since a council member lives over there. Also note that Sandy Springs just so happened to want to pave Dun Club Drive just as Dunwoody came into some street funds so Dun Wood Club gets paved well ahead of worse roads. Councilman throws a curve ball by saying a street near him needs taken off the list, but that road does not lead to 'Da Club'.