Monday, June 21, 2010

City of Dunwoody Gets Parks

The City of Dunwoody officially now owns and operates all the public parks within its boundaries. Led by Mayor Ken Wright, city officials on Monday toured the 6 major parks that will be managed by the Dunwoody Parks and Recreation Department. Combined the 6 parks total more than 156 acres, includes approximately 100 at Brook Run.
What changes can we expect? Probably none right away, as the city still needs to collect nearly $7 million in bonds owed by DeKalb County, which likely will seek legal action to keep from paying it.
Personally, I would love for the city take some of the acreage in the back of Brook Run (pictured below) and turn it into a driving range (which is not likely to happen)! Of course a couple of sports-related fields (baseball and football) wouldn't hurt, as teams at Murphey Candler are always looking for decent fields to practice.


Chip said...

Couldn't help but notice a lot of the Council, the City Manager and the Mayor were wearing coordinated shirts. I hope these were purchased with their own funds!!!


Platos Republic said...

they were Nike shirts

Rick said...


How about a Golden Tee machine inside the skate park instead?

Bob Fiscella said...

Doesn't Mellow Mushroom have Golden Tee? I don't think the city should be competing with private enterprises for business!
Sorry I was distracted while you were telling me what you had growing in the community garden at Brook Run. But before I left, I did head back that way - very impressive!

Chip said...

Like your idea for a driving range. Unfortunately, that "no net loss of trees" policy guideline will make it "DOA". If you look at an aerial view of Brook Run park, you'd have to remove almost 3-4 acres of trees to make the driving range feasible.

And there's no corresponding acreage in Dunwoody to convert to balance the
"green account".

朱榮 said...

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