Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dunwoody High School Renovation, Etc

If you read this week's Dunwoody Neighbor, and I'm not sure many folks in Dunwoody do, there was an article updating the $21 million renovation at Dunwoody High School, which is well underway. Besides a new 500-seat auditorium and additional classrooms, the schools is getting a much-needed new heating and air conditioning system.

If you've driven by the school on the Womack Rd. side, you've noticed that the old retention area has been completely dug up and every single tree - by my estimation about 200-300 pine trees - removed (area pictured above). Initially, the DeKalb County School System said this area would not be part of the project. However, apparently the addition to the building means that the retention area is no longer satisfactory. I am told that a permanent retention pond will be constructed, and that trees will be replanted. Let's hope that's the case. I did speak with neighbors on the Vermack side of the high school - they say contractors have kept their word about operating hours and keeping construction noise to a minimum.

Deutsch lashes out on DeKalb Board

John Heneghan's blogsite is must reading for Dunwoody residents. Wednesday's entry is a good example why. It contains the comments of active Dunwoody resident Lynn Deutsch at the DeKalb County Board of Education meeting Tuesday night. Lynn said what a lot of us feel (at least I feel this way).

Below Lynn's comments is a post in which our school board representative Jim Redovian announces his plans to run for reelection. I've meet Jim a couple of times and heard him spoke on a dozen or so occassions. I like Jim. But I'm not sure how I feel about reelecting him. It seems the entire board needed to be more hands-on with Crawford Lewis' administration. There doesn't seem to have been enough accountability by the board. How much blame should Redovian take? At this point in time, I simply don't know.

Galla's Pizza coming to Perimeter Point(e)

One more item to give John credit for (is there any doubt why fellow blogger Rick Callihan refers to him as King John) is bringing to our attention that Galla's Pizza is coming to Dunwoody (actually Sandy Springs, in the Perimeter Pointe - or Point, I'm not sure which is correct - shopping center by Chick-fil-A). There are pictures on Galla's facebook page. A menu is available on Galla's website.


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