Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Odds & Ends

Did you get caught in the storm last night? We certainly did! Not only did the lightning cancel our swim meet at Kingsley - I know Vermack and most all of the pools had scheduled meets as well - but it struck a few trees around Dunwoody (photo left). The good news is the chance of thunderstorms decreases as the weekend approaches, however temperatures are expected to reach into the 90s everyday!

Dunwoody Comp Plan

The Dunwoody City Council passed the 30-year Comprehensive Land Use Plan at Monday night's meeting, but not everyone is pleased with it. I've had two get-togethers with planning guru Bob Lundsten, who says council simply doesn't understand what its pursuit of lower density will do to the city long term (Bob I think I get it, but I'm not sure. Correct me if I'm wrong).
Bob says that by keeping density low in areas like Georgetown, it prevents quality long-term redevelopment. Bob says lower density discourages developers because it greatly limits their profit margins, and instead of Georgetown having quality, upscale apartment buildings, it will be stuck with the 1970 apartments that attract lower rents and more nomadic families. One of the reasons the council wants less density is not to over-populate our already crowded schools. But Bob says that those concerns should not addressed in the comp plan. Instead, those issues should be taken up with DeKalb County.

Tour of Parks

The City of Dunwoody will hold a news conference and tour of the parks on Monday, June 21 (Brook Run Park pictured in photo). That is when the city officially takes control of the parks from DeKalb County. Of course the city recently purchased the parks after a long, drawn out battle with the county. Earlier this week the city named Brent Walker its first parks and recreation manager. (Editor's note: the city should be calling it a news conference and not a press conference, as technically a press conference only refers to published media and not TV or radio. As a member of the broadcast media for 20 years, I'm sensitive about this!)


Pattie Baker said...

That jumped out at me, too, Bob, about the use of the word "press" instead of "news" or "media." Also, I have asked that New Media representatives (i.e. bloggers) be specifically invited. Rick, Bob, Donna, Rebecca, DunwoodySchoolDaze, have you all been invited?

Bob Fiscella said...

Hi Pattie - I have not had an official invite, but was definitely gonna to try to make it over.

Chip said...

Hope you weren't confused that the official "Press Release" had the address of the Windward Hollow Park and the Donalson-Chestnut farm the same. They're in two very different parts of the City.