Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Vote is In!

My poll asking what you thought of the City of Dunwoody's new brand expired this afternoon.  I have no idea who cast votes (and who knows, some folks might have voted twice, although the system disallows that from one computer), but the total was as follows:

Love it:       3      (2 percent)
Like it:       19   (15 percent)
Dislike it:   46   (36 percent)
Hate it        58   (46 percent)

Like I said, this was a very unscientific poll so the results do not represent a cross-section of Dunwoody residents.  However, when 82 percent say they either dislike it (that's how I voted) or hate it, it says something.  And judging from what I've read on other blogs (Dunwoody Talk) and in Dunwoody newspapers, my poll is not an anomaly. 
Will the city change the branding anytime soon (other than changing "Smart place" to "Smart city" once it realized Plano, Texas had already adopted that slogan)?  I doubt it - too much money was spent on it (I'm still wondering exactly what "research" Sky Design did).  However, perhaps it will change over time.  I don't really mind the Walmart-like *asterisk, but I agree with those that the said the branding makes Dunwoody seem pompous and presumptuous.  To borrow a phrase from a thousand different coaches, "act like you've been there before."  This branding doesn't.
While I don't believe the city will change the branding anytime soon, I do love what the Comp Plan Steering Committee came up with, "Small town feel - Big city appeal."  To me, this phrase better defines what Dunwoody is - who we are.  It does a much better job of capturing the essence of our community.  And it is not braggadocio. 
Perhaps city officials are listening, and will fall on their swords.

Chamblee Charrette

I was unable to attend the DeKalb County School System charrette that was held last night in the Bulldogs gymnasium.  Fortunately, DeKalb School Watch was there.  Click on the link for a recap.


Flashburger said...

I know that eduKALB and the Organization of DeKalb Educators endorsed Jim Redovian for school board. Didn't DeKalb School Watch endorse Nancy Jester? It's quite apparent that this blog has an agenda. My advice to parents and homeowners in Dunwoody -- attend Charettes and become educated. There's a lot at stake here!

Bob Fiscella said...


Just because I sent readers over to DeKalb School Watch doesn't mean I'm endorsing Nancy Jester. I'm tried to stay fairly neutral. I think Nancy can bring a lot to the table, but Jim also has/and will continue to bring a lot to the table.

Joe Hirsch said...

I think this shows how Dunwoody wasted money on the branding campaign. The web pages that go with the city's slogam probably won't help:>

-The OLD slogan web page is a parody

-The OLD slogan web page is registered to our city manager, but not being used

-The NEW slogan page is a parody

-The NEW slogan page is registered privately, and does not seem to be by the city either.

100+ thousand dollars and this is what you get? If our mayor or any council members ever admit they got ripped off, I'll praise them for their honesty. Until then...

Cerebration said...

FWIW, Flashburger, the DeKalb School Watch did not endorse a single incumbent. They are ALL complicit in the poor actions and decisions made over the last several years. They are all guilty of endorsing waste and bloat and (except Gene Walker) giving a raise to Dr. Lewis after cutting teacher's pay. They are all guilty of inducing an inquiry by SACS and putting our children's school's accreditation in jeopardy. They are all guilty of horse-trading behind the scenes. They are all guilty of costing the system literally millions of dollars every year in FTE credit from the state by running schools that are nearly empty. They did not act on this until it was pointed out numerous times by Lynn Jackson at the state. They are all guilty of rubber-stamping every single purchase/contract executed by Pat Pope and Crawford Lewis. They are all guilty of this while never once calling for an audit - internal or otherwise - and in fact, endorsing Lewis' action in tossing out the results of the last audit done under Johnny Brown. They only succumbed to hiring an internal auditor after SACS initiated an inquiry. They are all guilty of spending millions upon millions on attorneys defending the system in several lawsuits, while withholding money for media clerks and in-school support staff.

Why on earth would anyone vote in any incumbent on this board?

In addition to attending charrettes, feel free to read some of our blog posts over the last couple of years reporting on these behaviors. We have an education at the ready for you at DeKalb School Watch. Problem is - will you believe it? Or will you choose to believe the current board's mantra - "We Didn't Know!" Come to think of it - that's even more disturbing...

BTW - stand by as Redovian pushes to raise your property taxes (you all do know that about 70% of your property taxes go to the school system, right?)

From the March 18, 2010 AJC

DeKalb schools deficit nears $115 million; targeted school list released

Those who said they do not want to raise taxes are McChesney, board chairman Tom Bowen and members H. Paul Womack and Pamela Speaks. Board members Eugene Walker, Zepora Roberts, Sarah Copelin-Wood and Jim Redovian said they are looking at raising the millage rate by amounts varying between half a mill and 2 mills. Board member Jay Cunningham said he is undecided.