Saturday, March 12, 2011

City Council Agenda; Spring Ahead

Dunwoody City Council has a work session on Monday (no votes) - some important items will be the topic of discussion.  Council will address the Transportation Master Plan, the Parks Master Plan, the Dunwoody Village Master Plan and the Georgetown/Shallowford Master Plan. 
Council will also discuss 911 services - whether to stay with DeKalb County or switch to privately-owned ChatComm.  I'll admit that I don't know all the numbers, but on the surface it appears that switching will cost taxpayers more money.  At the February Council Meeting, Major Conroy of DeKalb shared that the county is considering charging Dunwoody for the use of their radio system if we decide to pursue an alternative arrangement for police dispatching.
Click on the photo above to see the full agenda.

A reminder that Daylight Saving Time starts at 2AM Sunday morning.  Don't forget to set your clock one hour ahead.  Love the extra daylight - hate losing the hour of sleep!


Bob Lundsten said...

How do you have a Master Parks program in this day and age, in this community and not build a single tennis court, girls softball field, soccer field oar basketball court?
Seems like we are turning over the park to organized baseball. \Do we want another Murphey Candler and the PARKING mess that comes with that?
57 million is a lot of money and not a whole bunch dedicated to the casual user.
Has anyone really played Frisbee Golf?

Bob Fiscella said...

I agree - $57 million is a lot of month. It's almost 3 times our yearly budget! Quite frankly, I'm not really sure how I feel about the bond.
Hopefully our council and city manager are exploring every corporate opportunity before considering raising taxes. I'd love for Coca Cola to come in and give the city $5-10 million for the long-term naming rights to Brook Run.

Chip said...

Bad idea, Bob. If you want them to name it, they'll want to advertise in and around it. And our much ballyhooed (and toothless) sign ordinance won't be able to stop them.

Better to have a philanthropic trust or foundation give money, then all they'll want is a "name" on the park.