Monday, March 7, 2011

Redisticting is Over? Msgr. Kiernan Honored at Capitol

The DeKalb County School Board voted on Monday to adopt Superintendent Ramona Tyson's plan to close eight schools as part of a redistricting effort.  The plan that was presented by Tyson a month ago was amended to move 28 children from Vanderlyn back to Austin.  It also moved the neighborhoods between Mt. Vernon and Womack (west of Vanderlyn Drive) from Dunwoody Elementary back to Vanderlyn.  And the Camden apartments were shifted from Dunwoody Elementary to Chesnut.
Do the changes make sense?  Not really.  Overcrowded Austin and Vanderlyn add students, while underpopulated DES loses students.  But then, we are dealing with DeKalb County where common sense is often hard to find.  DCSS said it will release maps later this week.  Is this the end of redistricting?  Only time will tell.

Monsignor Kiernan Honored at Capitol

Recently retired All Saints Pastor Monsignor Donald Kiernan will be honored with a resolution at the Capitol on Tuesday.  The Monsignor will be recognized for his "spiritual assistance" to Georgians for more than 60-years, as well as his founding of the Georgia Association of Police Chiefs.  The resolutions are sponsored by Dunwoody Representative Tom Taylor, who deserves major kudos for his part in ensuring that the Monsignor get recognized for his many years of service, and Senator Fran Miller.  Msgr. Kiernan will take part in a photo session with Governor Nathan Deal, and then be recognized on the floor, flanked by a Knights of Columbus Honor Guard.

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