Thursday, March 10, 2011

Does Dunwoody's Transportation Plan Affect You?

I have yet to see the agenda for this coming night's Dunwoody City Council Meeting.  However, I believe the city's Comprehensive Transportation Plan will be discussed.  The CTP will, according to the city's website:

• Identify transportation needs and appropriate strategies
• Identify specific actions to implement the goals of the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan
• Define necessary transportation priorities, policies, projects and/or programs

Michael Smith
The city's public works director, Michael Smith, was gracious enough to hold a Q&A at the Dunwoody Homeowners' Association meeting this past Sunday night.  Michael told us of some of the short and long-term projects targeted by the plan.
How do these projects affect you?  Hopefully, most of these projects will improve safety as well as alleviate congestion on our roads.  But a few of the projects could encroach on your property.
For example, did you know that one of the candidate projects for evaluation calls for Ashford Center Parkway to be extended through the Dunwoody Library property and connect with Dunwoody Village Parkway (project 20 in the photo above)?  And that the city is studying the intersection of Womack Rd. and Vermack Rd. (project 3) and is considering a traffic signal or roundabout to replace the flashing red light?   
I know the former project has neighbors who live on Joberry Court very concerned.  And the latter ought to be a concern for those that live at or near that intersection by the high school.
This is why it is so important to stay informed, and to be active in the process.  
To view some of the candidate projects for evaluation in the city of Dunwoody's Transportation Plan, click here.

Dunwoody Police Officer a Finalist on America's Most Wanted

I picked up this tidbit from John Henghan's Dunwoody North site - Dunwoody police officer Fidel Espinoza is a finalist for America's Most Wanted All-Star.   Click on the link to vote, and help one of Dunwoody's finest gain much-deserved national recognition.  Offer Espinoza played a large role in starting the police department's highly-successful "Christmas for Kids" program.


Joe Seconder said...

Roswell's first roundabout will be completed in a few months, with several more coming in the near future. Here's their details with references, including videos:

Shawn said...

The town where I was raised was busying growing up while I was growing up. Carmel, Indiana, is getting national attention for the smart way they have improved transportation for residents. Maybe Dunwoody will be next.