Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update From Councilman Wittenstein

Dear Dunwoody Friends and Neighbors,

The big news this month is the negotiations for the city to purchase the vacant hospital site on Shallowford Road. Included in the pending acquisition is the two medical buildings next door which provide a 19 acre parcel for a potential future park.
Here is the deal. If the parks land acquisition bond referendum passes in November, then we purchase the property for $5.5 million ($289 thousand per acre.) If it doesn't pass then we can walk away with no costs. This gives voters at least one indication of "what would we do with the money" if we vote to approve the parks land acquisition bond.

Additionally this month we made three important steps regarding zoning and roads.
First, we have authorized a multi-year project to evaluate our zoning code from top to bottom and present suggested revisions section by section. When the city formed,we accepted DeKalb's County's 30 year-old code lock-stock-and-barrel. It is time for us to decide how we want Dunwoody to develop. Did you know that we use the exact same zoning code for Perimeter Mall as we do for Dunwoody Village? If someone wanted to put a large car dealership in Dunwoody Village, they would be within their rights according to the current zoning code. I'm not sure that is what Dunwoody residents want to see. This will be a very public process and will be done in waves over the next couple of years.
Second, we have authorized an engineering company to develop a design for improvements to the intersection of Tilly Mill and North Peachtree. This is one of the most congested intersections in Dunwoody.
Third, we have a contract to purchase a piece of land near Georgetown that gives us a start on a project to extend Peachford Road from North Shallowford over to Georgetown. Someday this will provide muchneeded additional east-west connectivity. The cost for these 5.2 acres is $1.4 million ($278 thousand per acre.) An empty medical office building currently occupies the site (next to the post office sorting facility.)
Finally, some very good news. We conservatively estimated revenue from the State for HOST funds. This is our fair share of the one-penny sales tax paid on all purchases in DeKalb County. We will receive $3.7 million more than budgeted. These funds are restricted to capital improvement projects like repaving, paying for 911 cutover costs, land acquisition or vehicle replacement. The exact allocation will be determined during the 2012 budgeting process, which begins in September.
Take Care,

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