Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dunwoody Swears In New Council

Judge David Nahmias swears in new city council.
The Dunwoody City Council chamber had not seen a packed gathering like Tuesday night's since the great "Backyard Chicken Debate."   But unlike that hostile assembly, this one had mostly smiling faces as new Mayor Mike Davis and Councilors Terry Nall and Lynn Deutsch were sworn into office (Councilman John Heneghan was also sworn into office for a second term). 

View from the back standing next to CEO
 It was like a Who's Who's of Dunwoody, with Georgia Supreme Court Justice David Nahmias, a resident of the city, presiding over the ceremony.  Outgoing Mayor Ken Wright handed the gavel to the new mayor.  Also on hand, former mayoral candidate Bob Dallas, who's been nothing short of gracious in defeat - it would have been easy for Bob to skip the event.  State Representative Tom Taylor was in attendance, along with DeKalb Commissioner Elaine Boyer and her chief of staff Bob Lundsten.  And even DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis made the trek north (but arrived late and had to stand in the back of the jam-packed room, which seemed somewhat appropriate). 

The only piece of business was picking a mayor pro tem.  Not surprisingly, Councilman Denis Shortal got the unanimous support of the new council. 

The next council meeting is Monday night and it could be an interesting agenda.  I suspect at some point in time (but not Monday night), the new council will take a run at rescinding, or at the very least discussing, the vote by the previous council to narrow Dunwoody Village Parkway to two lanes.  The public appears lukewarm to the idea, at best.  You can include me in that group, as I really don't understand the $1+ million expenditure in city funds (plus another $1.4 million in grants).  Perhaps someone will educate me on why this makes sense for the city, especially at this juncture in time.

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