Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Council Meets, National Championship Game, the Falcons & Tebow

Dunwoody's new city council will hold its first regularly scheduled meeting at 7 pm Monday night.  It is a non-voting meeting, but with a robust agenda
Among the items to be discussed:  the 2012 capital paving plan, the five-year paving plan and the winter storm response plan (which will go a long way towards solving some of the issues that arose last year).   I encourage you to click on the links above provided by Councilman John Heneghan.  These plans are almost certain to affect you over the course of time.

Alabama, LSU clash in National Title Game

College football doesn't get any better than tonight's BCS National Title Game in New Orleans between the top-ranked LSU Tigers and the second-ranked Crimson Tide of Alabama.  This is a rematch, as LSU beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa, 9-6, in overtime on Nov. 5.  The game doesn't kickoff until a little after 8:30 pm ET, so if you plan on attending the council meeting, you may have to leave early to catch the opening kickoff.
I don't have a dog in the fight, I'm simply hoping for a competitive game that isn't decided until the final minute.  If I were a betting man, my money would be on LSU.  I feel the Tigers offensive talent is more capable of putting points on the scoreboard.  For what is it worth, I think LSU wins 21-17 (sorry, Mr. Cranky Pants - I know you are pulling hard for the Tide)!

Falcons Season Ends, Tebow's Broncos advance

While college football doesn't get any better than Monday night, the Atlanta Falcons can't get much worse than Sunday when they were bounced out of the playoffs 24-2 by the New York Giants.  For all the hype that surrounds this team and quarterback Matt Ryan, the Falcons have yet to win a playoff game with him behind center.  They are now 0-3.
Meantime, the highly-criticized Tim Tebow just keeps winning.  Tebow wrote the next chapter of his never-quit story by leading the Denver Broncos to an improbably 29-23 overtime victory over the heavily-favored Pittsburgh Steelers to advance to the next round.  Say what you want, but all the kid does is win, with style and grace.  I give the Broncos little chance of beating the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots this coming weekend, but I'm looking forward to Tebow proving me wrong!

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