Friday, June 22, 2012

Councilwoman Files Ethics Complaints

By Patrick Fox
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Dunwoody City Councilwoman Adrian Bonser, who is facing an ethics investigation, filed ethics complaints of her own Thursday against Mayor Mike Davis and the rest of the City Council, alleging that two public meetings were held illegally over the past six months.
Bonser's complaint alleges the City Council held an illegal closed meeting Feb. 3 to discuss the sale of real estate, then met again last month without proper notice to discuss ethics charges against her.
Bonser has been named as a possible source of a leak from the February meeting in which city leaders discussed the sale and acquisition of property for a land development the city is co-sponsoring. City Attorney Brian Anderson, who was also accused of leaking the information, resigned last month.

Click AJC to read the full story and Dunwoody Reporter to read a similar story followed by some interesting comments.  I admit, I don't quite understand the logic of the complaint, in the fact that the councilwoman was in attendance at the Feb. 3 meeting and didn't object at the time.  City Council meets again on Tuesday night - the agenda is posted on Councilman John Heneghan's blog.


Greg said...


There's another problem with her complaint. She asserts that the May 29th meeting was improper, because it wasn't published, etc. etc. In point-of-fact, the decision to file the Ethics Complaint against her was conducted in the "Executive Session" portion of the City Council Meeting held on May 29th. The Agenda for that meeting identifies that there would be an Executive Session prior to adjournment.

Executive Sessions in the course of the normal City Council meeting do not typically involve posting itemized agendas, but are held to discuss matters such as real estate, personnel, etc.

There is nothing in the City of Dunwoody Charter that says the Council had to vote in "open session" to sign and forward an Ethics Complaint against a Council member.

This differs from the actions toward the City Attorney, as he is(was) a full-time employee of the City of Dunwoody.

Ms. Bonser is going to run-up-the-tab to gratify her own ego, I'm afraid.

Greg said...

Bob: a PS to my previous note.

If Ms. Bonser was sincere in her filing of her complaint, she would have posted it on the City Council agenda and asked them to "vote" to approve.

Once again, as she has been accused, she demonstrates the propensity to act independently of protocol and rules.

Her filing of this frivolous and vindictive complaint rather than waiting for her chance to present evidence to defend herself to the Ethics Committee speaks volumes as to her understanding and appreciation of process (see, Bob Lundsten's frequent complaints about my understanding of this).

Anonymous said...

Seven Deadly sins"

Wrath - Check

Greed - Nope

Envy - Nope

Pride - Check

Gluttony - Nope

Sloth - Nope

Lust - Nope

Greg said...


I think we could add "envy" since she did offer that the others were not as forthcoming and righteous as herself.

I'd throw in "sloth" too because she failed to follow proper protocol, instead cutting corners and acting too late if her convictions were true and heartfelt.