Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tax Rate, Good Laugh

I did not get a chance to attend the city council meeting Tuesday night (I was at Kingsley's exciting swim meet against Gainsborough, a nail-biting three-point loss, 395-392, that came down to the final length of the last race), but was glad to see council approved the current millage rate of 2.74 for 2012.  Our millage rate remains the lowest in DeKalb County, as it should.  With the PCID powering our taxes, our rate should always be the lowest in the county!
By the way, a couple of contentious - but important - moments at last night's council meeting.  Click on Councilman John Heneghan's blogsite to watch.

I am a proud member of the National Association of Realtors, but I do get embarrassed, at times, by the antics of some of my fellow members.  In particular, their "creativity" in self-promotion.  I think you'll enjoy the video below (click on photo to watch).


Greg said...


Just reviewed the Council video. The discussion regarding the Ethics Committee independent counsel begins at around 29:30 into the tape for those who are interested.

Ms. Bonser states an objection to the recommended counsel based on an interview conducted by the City Manager, prior to her filing of an Ethics Complaint against him. In Ms. Bonser's words, that constitutes a conflict of interest and shows a lack of independence.

The interim City Attorney asserts that the recommended counsel is experienced and competent and presents no conflict of interest.

Ms. Bonser then attempts to sidetrack the discussion by taking umbrage at a remark made by Mr. Shortal that "he's the most fiscally conservative...." She ends, with what I guess you'd call an appeal for "charitable discussion", before suggesting an amendment that eliminates the specific name of the counsel recommended, which dies for lack of a second.

The vote to accept and hire Jim Carrothers as independent council procedes to a 6-1 vote, Ms. Bonser being the sole opposed.

Even the die-hard Adrian backers will have a hard time reconciling her behavior in this situation.

In my opinion, she only reinforced the notion that she lacks a sense of personal responsibility and is either unable or unwilling to see how her personal behavior has contributed to this whole affair.

Emily said...

Sad, just sad. There isn't much more to say about her.